Who We Are



theNorthGate began in 2008 with less than 10 people in attendance. In this short period of time, we’ve grown tremendously and purchased the former Salvation Army building, located in the heart of our city. To learn more about our approach you can click here.

No matter when you attend, our commitment remains the same – the same energy, passion and excitement – the same chest-pounding, powerful worship – the same God-inspired message from the Word. Pastor Charlie leads theNorthGate with a strong vision and passion to see Christ’s followers filled with His fullness.

We invite you to visit and find out for yourself what we’re all about. Our vision, purpose and mission:

Vision – theNorthGate exists to develop mature followers of Christ.

Purpose – Our desire is to help people experience the fullness of God’s love through relationship.

Mission – We accomplish this by focusing on God’s throne, honoring God’s Word, obeying His call, inviting His power, extending His love, welcoming His Spirit, and serving His people.

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