Miami Valley Life Alliance is a community ending poverty by discovering the best solution from within themselves. MVLA seeks to eliminate poverty of all types and initiate change within the community by providing a strong social framework for people to build intentional and diverse relationships across class, race, and cultural lines. These relationships develop into a strong support system for people as they assess their areas of impoverishment; connect with necessary services and opportunities; and set goals to make changes in their lives and progress toward their goals, improving their relationships, resources, reasoning, and overall quality of life.

MVLA addresses all dimensions of poverty: relational, spiritual, physical, and intellectual, as well as financial. These “Capitals” of human development are integrally interwoven and can only be developed and used for self-evaluation within the scope of all other Capitals to achieve growth, balance, and support. Think of them as a tire: the more balanced they are in size and maturity, the more evenly one’s life will roll. Developing each Capital within and among the others, increases an individual’s holistic currency- wisdom and power, family and friends, hours and health, concepts and ideas, dollars and cents. These currencies, not just financial resources, are what are needed to overcome poverty.

5 Capitals Wheel

MVLA main objectives are:

1. To equip and empower individuals with the skills for personal transformation and leadership.

2. Reinforce the truth that poverty is not experienced solely in financial terms.

3. Support all participants as they to set goals to bring all the capitals into balance.

MVLA offers:

Outcome Groups support individuals in making and maintaining change through goal-setting within a strong, intentional, and diverse social support system. All members of the community are welcome to come check out what MVLA is about. It’s held on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of every month at 6:30pm at theNorthGate (138 S. Wilkinson Street). A free meal and childcare are provided.

Youth & Kids Program mimics the adult program. Our youth and children are learning age specific content set around the 5 capitals, while having fun and making new friends!

Zumba MVLA holds a Zumba Class every Monday evening at 7:00pm at theNorthGate. Class is by donation. Average calorie burn: 500!! (We are currently on a break till the fall.)

Contact us:

937.619.8277 ext 1