Our Approach

When attending theNorthGate for the first time most say they sense something different about our approach. We hope this is true. We work hard at being intentional. We want there to be a perceived passion as we present the upside of what people want to become versus the downside of what they are not. We believe it’s possible to share the truth of God’s Word without compromise while focusing on a person’s potential versus the problems of their past.

Our approach can be summarized using these four words:

1. Responsibility -at theNorthGate we do not have members. Instead, we encourage potential ministry partners, someone like yourself, to go through Discover – an opportunity that helps you know more about us and us about you. Once completed, an individual is considered an owner at theNorthGate. This is a strategic mindset because traditionally – members have rights but owners have responsibilities.

History tells the story: when the Church takes responsibility, the possibilities are endless. At theNorthGate we believe we are all in ministry – not just the people on stage.

2. Community – We believe the most neglected and overlooked discipline in the New Testament is the practice of Community. Jesus himself did everything in the context of community – a small number of people headed in the same direction.

At theNorthGate we encourage believers to find a few “family members” they can live and love this journey with. Explosive personal growth is reserved for those who fight their fear of getting out of rows and into circles.

3. Authority – We believe that believers should be confident Christ-centered people other people want to be around. This can only happen when we know who we are in Christ and how to live a Spirit-led, Spirit-enabled life.

4. Creativity – We believe the Church, not the marketplace, should be the birthplace of innovation. Why not? The God who created the world dwells in us and wants to work through us. Therefore, with the right intentions nothing is impossible.

It’s true. God’s Word does not change. But it’s audience does. This is why it’s so important for the Church to always be asking better questions. Questions like how we can more creatively communicate the Gospel to our community.

Our aim is for such creativity to effect everything we do.

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us!