• Tiny but Treacherous
    Tiny but Treacherous

    I don’t trust my tastebuds. Tiny but treacherous they always tell me what they want more than what I need. And they never learn. The carbs and cookies kill me every time but that doesn’t seem to matter to them. As long as they get what they want they’ll let the fat, fatigue and brain fog fend for themselves. Here are a few things you didn’t know about your tastebuds and Read more →

  • Who Would Have Thought
    Who Would Have Thought

    Several months ago theNorthGate and ThinkTank Inc. partnered to establish a National Circles Community here in Downtown Dayton. The opportunity has been life changing. Who would have thought a program dealing with poverty could be so enriching? Here’s what I like about Circles and why you need to get involved: There are several things that make the National Circles Campaign unique and powerful. If you get the chance, you need Read more →

  • Micromanager

    I’m a micromanager. I admit it. And if you’re passionate about something you should be too. As producers, we owe it to our audience / customers to produce the best products possible which is going to require “excessive control or attention to details”. “Micromanager” is a popular accusation seldom portrayed positively. To the extent I used to be afraid of or even hate the title. But not anymore. Here’s the truth Read more →