• Who Would Have Thought
    Who Would Have Thought

    Several months ago theNorthGate and ThinkTank Inc. partnered to establish a National Circles Community here in Downtown Dayton. The opportunity has been life changing. Who would have thought a program dealing with poverty could be so enriching? Here’s what I like about Circles and why you need to get involved: There are several things that make the National Circles Campaign unique and powerful. If you get the chance, you need Read more →

  • Micromanager

    I’m a micromanager. I admit it. And if you’re passionate about something you should be too. As producers, we owe it to our audience / customers to produce the best products possible which is going to require “excessive control or attention to details”. “Micromanager” is a popular accusation seldom portrayed positively. To the extent I used to be afraid of or even hate the title. But not anymore. Here’s the truth Read more →

  • An Interview With Michael Hyatt
    An Interview With Michael Hyatt

    If anyone can talk about blogging it’s Michael Hyatt. Michael has a blog well on it’s way to a half a million subscribers, has written a New York Times and WallStreet Journal bestseller about blogging and is now the new Dean of his own online blogging university. Recently I sat down with Mike to ask him about his new book, some of his thoughts about blogging and how to build Read more →