• An Interview With Michael Hyatt
    An Interview With Michael Hyatt

    If anyone can talk about blogging it’s Michael Hyatt. Michael has a blog well on it’s way to a half a million subscribers, has written a New York Times and WallStreet Journal bestseller about blogging and is now the new Dean of his own online blogging university. Recently I sat down with Mike to ask him about his new book, some of his thoughts about blogging and how to build Read more →

  • Do I Still Feel Pleasure
    Do I Still Feel Pleasure

    Do I still feel pleasure was one of two questions I chose from the list below when asked… which out of the following questions stand out to you. It took me a minute but I had to be honest. The answer was NO. Here’s why: At the beginning of 2013 I joined a 3DM coaching huddle and thus far it’s been life changing. Every Friday, several of us from around the country gather on Google Hangout Read more →

  • Why Some Never Reach Their Potential
    Why Some Never Reach Their Potential

    Ever wonder why some never reach their potential? I have. And though there are multiple reasons, here’s a big one! Ralph and Sam Consider Ralph and Sam. We played soccer together in grade school. It’s one story with two outcomes. Sam wasn’t as talented but not only met his potential, he surpassed it. At the time Ralph was the best player on the team. However, Ralph quit. Here’s what I Read more →